About us

At Logic For Magic we believe that the Magic of creativity is capable of transforming a brand and a business.

We also believe that the impact of this “Magic” can be amplified when it is created in an environment with good processes and planning, aligned internal structures and strong technical skills. This is what we call the “Logic”. One does not have to exclude the other.

At Logic for Magic, we want to help advertisers navigate today's complex Marketing ecosystem. We see our role as being a strategic advisor, an independent trusted partner.

We understand that Marketing leaders, like you, need to focus your energy to deliver great creative output and engaging consumer programmes. To do so you need the right planning, processes in place and people to support you.

Advertisers such as Schweppes, Deoleo, Plátanos de Canarias or Heineken have trusted us to advise them. Through our work we've enabled them to take tough decisions with greater confidence.

Our purpose is to enable Marketing professionals to do their job better by
reducing complexity, removing uncertainty and creating order.

So they get more our of their work and live a little better.

About Kate

I’m Kate Broughton, the CEO and founder of Logic For Magic.

For over 15 years I worked client-side managing successful brands for major multinational organizations both in Spain and in the UK. This gave me an insight into how transformational agencies can be to a brand's performance.

Most importantly, I realized that a strong working relationship with external partners, as in any relationship, needs time to develop and must be founded on the core pillars of trust, respect and feeling valued.

The fact that my career has been mainly on client-side enables me to understand, in a unique way, our clients' challenges and provide them with the right solutions. This is so important in today's complex marketing ecosystem which is constantly evolving.

Meet our senior team

We have negotiated millions of euros for our clients
in agency fees and production costs resulting in
considerable cost optimizations.

  • Kate and her team managed perfectly the relationship between external and internal interlocutors. Her understanding of marketing and communication allowed us to appoint the best creative partner.
    Marta Moreno
    Brand Manager, Ladrón de Manzanas