How we help?

We can support you with your Marketing challenges and provide clarity and solutions
to help you make the most important decisions.

As a senior Marketer you no doubt have so many questions and doubts. You may struggle to find clear answers and reliable independent advice to questions such as:

How many digital agencies do I need?

How do I choose the right creative partner(s)?

How (much) should I pay them?

How can I measure my agencies' performance?

How can I make my production budget go further?

How do I write a proper Scope of Work?

Is it worth bringing agency services in-house?

How can my team work better with their agencies?

Our Services

We can support you to secure the right agencies, investments levels, structures and processes.

Roster Management

We evaluate and design your optimum agency roster model to suit today´s requirements and specialisms. We can help you bring services in-house.

Agency Selection

A well prepared pitch process is key to selecting and engaging with the right agencies. We execute all contract negotiations and facilitate onboarding.

Cost Management

We help you choose the right remuneration model and (re)negotiate fees to reach commercial agreements that provide value for you and your agencies.

Performance Measurement

We help you define clear success metrics and implement the right evaluation system to monitor your agencies´ performance.

Relationship Management

We enable you to build a strong client-agency relationship using 360º evaluations with all your agency partners. We help improve collaboration between your agencies.

Business Advisory

Good internal processes and industry understanding are key enablers to getting the most from your agencies, from digital readiness to media understanding, from annual planning to approval processes.

Internal Operations

We can help you drive internal order & discipline with your agencies. For example, finalizing contractual agreements with your agencies or creating a pool of preferred suppliers.

Internal Productivity

We support you to better define the structure and responsibilities of your team to be fit for purpose in today´s digital marketing age and help them work more effectively.

Skills Training

Our customized marketing skills training programmes will help your team improve their expertise in collaborating with their agencies.

Content Production Advisory

From briefing to on-air, we ensure you get the right production value for high-quality advertising and content across all media channels


Why is all this Important?

Great creative work and brilliant business results are inextricably linked.

Long-term agency partnerships deliver the best value. Selecting the right marketing agency partners, managing them effectively and remunerating them correctly can have a huge impact on your brand and business performance.

At Logic For Magic, we know from experience that true business-enhancing work from your agencies comes when Marketers invest time and effort in their relationships with their agencies. To deliver this they need to feel trusted and valued.

Research carried out by the World Federation of Advertisers (2018) reveals clear insights on the new challenges facing marketers and the complexity that “digital” has created. It showed that 75% of major advertisers are reviewing their agency arrangements and looking at whether they have the right mix of agencies and capabilities in their external partners.

  • The help of Kate and team is essential to be able to focus on creativity. Negotiations can erode the relationship with the agency and consume resources of time. A great success!
    Francisco Rionda
    Marketing & Trade Marketing Director, Deoleo
  • Working with Kate and the team during the process has been a pleasure and I would definitely recommend them as a partner. They played a very important role within the complex multidisciplinary team. I would highlight Kate's effective management of negotiations with the  agency; her ability to adapt to changes and difficulties that emerged along the way; and above all the team's availability and support throughout the process.
    Lourdes Díaz de la Hera
    Brand Manager, Amstel