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We enable them to take more informed decisions, to help great brands meet their communication and business objectives.

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  • Kate and the team have been critical in the development of a new agency model to fit the new digital environment. I consider them a true long-term partner in building our communication agenda.
    Marta García
    Marketing Director, Heineken
  • Kate´s expertise in the area of handling Media and Ad Agencies to ensure they deliver the best performance at the best value is unmatched in the industry. I have worked with her in Spain and Mexico, and in both instances she has over-delivered on the commitments made.
    Pablo Córdoba
    Marketing Director, L´Oreal Mexico.
  • A fantastic experience. When you are able to convert a complex, strategic decision into a simple one is when you appreciate the value of having great professionals to advise you, like Kate and her team.
    Javier Las Heras
    Marketing Director, Generali

We know you want to be a successful Marketer
and grow your brand's performance

For this you need outstanding work from trusted agency partners.

The problem is that your role has never been so challenging. Ever more demanding, informed consumers and the pace of technological change have made your job as a marketer more complex than ever.

You now have to select from a far wider choice of Marketing, Media and Martech agencies. These now even include consulting firms, digital tech platforms and publishers. The agency landscape is more fragmented and confusing than ever.

Add to all that the increased internal compliance procedures, the need to justify all your investment decisions and manage a multi-generational team. You may often end up feeling you lack time, focus, and support and not knowing who to trust.

If you have the right support, you could boost your brand performance and
grow as a Marketing professional.

We can help you.

The Logic For Magic


  • We only work with advertisers, so no conflict of interest.
  • We are honest and truly independent.
  • Our fee structure is completely transparent.
  • We can support you because we understand your needs.
  • We get back to you within 24h.

At Logic For Magic we offer a variety of ways to help you get the best from your agencies

Do you want to get the best from your Marketing agencies?

Please download my free guide where you will learn:

How to accurately define the agency workload via a Scope of Work.

How to decide on the right fee model.

How to evaluate performance & the client-agency relationship.

The internal planning, processes and structures required.

  • Kate works with a high level of professionalism, transparency and rigour. We trust in her good judgment, enjoy working with her and we learn during each stage of the agency selection process.
    Sergio Cáceres
    Marketing Director, Platano de Canarias
  • Kate's experience and her broad vision that she brings to the agency market has helped us make the right decisions and simplify our processes.
    Santiago Elhazaz
    Procurement Manager, Heineken